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Looking for guest post opportunities? Our team is always on the lookout for guest writers, contributors, and freelance writers who are capable of writing and providing quality content on various topics related to health, fitness, healthy food and/or recipes, or anything that is healthy.

As compensation, we are willing to reward you with a full credit for the contents that you provide. In addition, you will be given the rights of your post to link back to your website. A maximum of two (2) external links will be granted for every post. Postings that contain more than the allowed number of external links will either be modified or removed from being published.

Guidelines For Submitting Guest Posts:

  • You can email them to admin@fruitlush.com with the subject of “Guest Post Submission”. Any email without such subject may be overlooked or ignored.

Please attach the following information when you shoot us an email:

  • First and last name.
  • The title of your post.
  • The body or message of your post.
  • A simple and short bio with a maximum of 230 words (don’t forget to add your link).

Things To Consider Before Submitting Any Type Of Posting

  • We do not guarantee publication for every submitted articles/recipes. However, we will evaluate and review everything sent to the website as a token of our appreciation. Relevant topics (especially those that are interesting) will have a better chance at being published.
  • Posts must be original, unique, interesting, and must not be posted elsewhere.
  • Every approved post must have a minimum of 600 words and must contain information and clear instructions. Recipes should be provided with a step-by-step guide along with a complete list of ingredients.
  • Each post must have proper English spelling and grammar. Proper and correct capitalization, punctuation, as well as sentence structure is highly required.
  • Although an impressive article/recipe is very much appreciated, it is highly essential that you use words and terms that can be easily understood by any average reader.
  • Posts should not contain anything that goes against the law. Refrain from posting contents that are considered as defamatory, libelous, or does infringes on the legal rights of other writers.
  • Must not be a plagiarism of an already submitted article/recipe from another website.
  • Do not submit advertisements, sales letter, press release, or anything that promotes a product or service.
  • Avoid any affiliate codes and referral links on your posts.
  • Links that do not fit to our standards or are irrelevant to our niche and website are not allowed.

Submitting an article/recipe to us means:

  • You are the author and owner of the original article/recipe and that you have 100% of all copyrights to the written material.
  • You are giving us unconditional permission to publish or feature your article/recipe on our website. In addition, we are allowed to use it on our newsletter, RSS feeds, and to anything that will be beneficial to our members and for the site.
  • You are giving us the right to publish ads on your article page(s).
  • We have all the rights to re-classify your article in a topic category that we find more suitable than your originally submitted or preferred category.

Fruitlush.com reserves the right to enhance and modify these Terms & Conditions at any time needed without any prior notice to the online public.