Living a Healthy Lifestyle Without Restrictions

healthy lifestyle

People are constantly getting sucked into fad diets and cleanses; i.e., a quick way to lose 10 lbs. However, they just end up gaining the weight back once they go back to their normal diet routine. Instead of going for something unattainable, try changing your eating habits into more of a healthy lifestyle without too many limitations. In fact, don’t limit yourself at all just utilize portion control, switch to healthier deserts, and eat more frequently.

Portion Control

Portion control can be your best friend when it comes to diet because if you utilize portion control effectively you can limit your caloric intake all while still eating the same foods that you love. Instead of eating a ten cookies in a package, just eat 3 or 4; that way, you still get to eat what you want but you aren’t eating an excessive amount that will cause weight gain.

Portion control can be the most difficult when you are eating out. When given the option, it is always better to opt for a healthier alternative at a restaurant but often times the salads have the same amount of calories as a cheeseburger. Instead of eating an entire cheeseburger and fries, cut your burger in half, eat half, and then save the rest for later. This will allow your stomach time to digest and decide whether or not it is still actually hungry.


For many people, baked goods are the hardest thing to give up when trying to lose weight. However, you don’t have to give up all baked goods or sweets in order to shed the pounds but you might need to make some slight alterations. For example, instead of eating a processed prepackaged cake roll, opt for something homemade with no preservatives like a fruit and nut cake.

Have you ever noticed that if you don’t eat throughout the day, you go home and eat virtually everything in sight? Avoid this kind of diet fall back and eat throughout the day. Eating more frequently is a great way to speed up your metabolism all while making sure you never go hungry. Try eating a snack at least every few hours in between regular meals such as fresh fruit or string cheese. Eating throughout the day will also help curb cravings for foods that you would otherwise indulge in once you get home.

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