Grapefruit Can Help Cure Acne


There has been ongoing debate about the potential health benefits of grapefruit. Some studies have praised it up as a fantastic food; other studies have suggested that it can have a negative impact when combined with some medications.

The truth is grapefruit is a beneficial and healthy fruit that can be helpful in some weight loss situations. On the flip side grapefruit juice can interact with some, but not all medications. A lot can be gained from introducing grapefruit to your diet, and the seeds especially can be very beneficial.

Getting to Know Your Grapefruit

There’s no doubt about it, grapefruit is a lovely, refreshing fruit with a very distinctive taste and fragrance, but how much do you know about grapefruit?

Grapefruit is also known as Citrus Maximus, which reflects the grapefruits size when compared to other citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes.

Grapefruit trees can grow up to 7 meters tall (which is more than 20 feet). The tree produces distinctive aromatic flowers that are later followed by large, yellow fruit. The grapefruit tree is thought to have originated in China, but has since been exported to a number of other countries including Japan and the United States.

Benefits of Taking Grapefruit

grapefruit photoGrapefruit seed extracts have proven to be very effective at treating certain skin conditions, such as rosacea. It combats this condition through its naturally occurring antimicrobial properties.

Almost half of the patients who suffer with rosacea have reported a noticeable benefit from taking grapefruit seed extract. If your symptoms are exacerbated by certain foods, then chances are that the grapefruit seed extract will help to eliminate the problem and prevent against future outbreaks.

The antimicrobial properties in grapefruit seed extract are ineffective against the bacteria that cause acne; however it is effective against both staph and strep bacteria.

If you suffer with impetigo or with pimples that ooze unsightly discoloured pus then taking grapefruit seed extract may help clear your skin; however you will need to allow at least four weeks before you start to see visible results.

Does Grapefruit Work Against Acne?

Rosacea is the form of acne that is the most responsive to grapefruit seed extract. This particular type of acne appears across the centre of the face. Rosacea is different to other forms of acne in the sense that it is not related to blockages which form in the pores.

Triggers for rosacea outbreaks can be down to a number of different factors, such as:

  • extremes in temperature (both hot and cold weather)
  • consumption of alcohol
  • consumption of caffeinated drinks
  • certain medication
  • some cosmetics
  • spicy or barbecue flavoured food barbecue
  • dairy products

Not all rosacea sufferers respond to these triggers, some will have their own triggers; however, the reaction is always the same.

Is Grapefruit Seed Extract a Suitable Remedy for My Acne?

If you suffer with rosacea then you should probably avoid eating large amounts of grapefruit, as this is not the best solution for clearing your skin of blemishes. Instead, rather than having a positive effect, large amounts of grapefruit could cause your skin condition to trigger because of the amount of acid in the flesh of grapefruit.

But all is not lost, as you can start taking grapefruit seed extract. Visit your local health shop and enquire about using grapefruit seed extract for your skin condition. If you do decide to take the grapefruit seed extract then be sure to only take the recommended dosage.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that grapefruit is the miracle cure for all acne, and even if it is rosacea that you suffer with there is no absolute guarantee that grapefruit seed extract will work. Rosacea is caused by a number of contributing factors and at best grapefruit seed extract will only improve the condition rather than curing it completely.

More often than not, grapefruit seed extract does not permanently cure a patient of rosacea; however, it can help to reduce the frequency and ferocity of rosacea outbreaks.

Still, it’s well worth trying grapefruit seed extract as a solution for rosacea; because if you don’t try it you’ll never know if it works for you and your skin!


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