Top 10 Fruits And Vegetables And Their Health Benefits

Several study reports have revealed that fruits and vegetables have the potential to improve your health. For instance, majority of food labeling on canned fruits and vegetables and commercials carry the message about their respective nutrition information.

However, this doesn’t mean thatthey are necessarily healthy but instead you should do some research to ensure that you are either harming or helping yourself. Here is a list of 10 fruit and vegetable nutrition facts to give you a head start.


  • Tangerines are amazing - Tangerines are members of a family of citrus fruits called mandarin. Members of this family are rich in a bioactive compound called beta-cryptoxanthin, a carotenoid with antioxidant property. Beta-cryptoxanthin has been associated with its ability to improve respiratory health.  So, if you want something to give your lungs good health, then you should treat your taste buds to tangerines. Also, this fruit contains about half of your recommended vitamin C intake.
  • It is easy to eat your blueberriesChomping down your plain blue berries can be such an awful experience but there are some tricks you can employ to make it much easier. For instance, you can mix them with yoghurt after tossing your sparkling water to make a blue berry sauce. Alternatively, you can also eat them in your cereal.
  • Watermelon is a super food - This is one of the most overlooked fruits but according to a recent study, it has emerged that watermelon is rich in huge doses of antioxidants and also has the ability to supplement up to 80 percent and 30 percent of your daily Vitamin C and vitamin A respectively. Further studies have also revealed that watermelon is rich in lycopene, a natural cancer-fighting compound found in tomatoes.
  • Bing cherries - According to a recent study published on the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was reported that a 90 calorie cup of delicious mahogany colored Bing cherries have more antioxidants than 3 ounces of almonds. So, the next time you visit your local market or grocery; do not forget to include a bag of Bing cherries in your shopping list.
  • Reason to love your morning glass of orange juiceMajority of people drink orange juice in the morning but are not aware of its nutritional value. Orange juice, just like any other citrus fruit is high in limuloids, phytochemicals that have been linked to help in fight against cancer by inhibiting growth of certain types of cancer cells. It is also rich in heart-healthy potassium, vitamin C and foliates.
  • Nothing can beat the Beets - Beets are one of the healthiest vegetables but majority of Americans stay clear from them. However, it is interesting to note that beets contain anthocyanins, antioxidants similar to that found in blueberries. They are also low in sugar and calories and hence suitable for anyone who would like to lose weight.
  • The amazing benefits of pumpkin you never knew - Pumpkin is one of the best foods that can be baked into pies, mixed into main courses and added into appetizers but some people are not aware of its amazing benefits. It is quite interesting to note that pumpkin is full of Vitamins A, C, E and K, potassium, fiber and beta carotene (antioxidant).
  • Tomatoes - Scientists have always considered tomatoes as an epitome of fight against cancer because it contains lycopene. However, recent studies have suggested that this super food is not only high in lycopene but is also a good source Vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins are powerful antioxidants against cancer-friendly free radicals.
  • You can’t ignore the Jerusalem artichoke - This is also known as sun choke and it’s a member of the artichoke family but do not taste or look like the normal artichoke. It is high in potassium and fiber that aids with digestion in order to prevent constipation. You can chop and eat it raw or shred it into a slaw.
  • The power of the cauliflower - This is one vegetable you cannot ignore, especially if you know that the brighter the vegetable color, the healthier it’s. A recent study report published on American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has revealed that there is a direct link between eating cauliflower and reduction of breast cancer.


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