How To Make Coconut Milk

Making Coconut Milk

1. Buy It

Set a brand new, young coconut on a hard flat working surface inside your kitchen. Hold it steady with one hand, and employ a butchers knife to create cuts into a circular shape.

The simplest method of doing this really is to strike the coconut with a machete in the same location until a deep cut is created. Continue doing this until you have cut a circular lid that may be lifted from the coconut.

2. Open It

Once its open smell the coconut and check out the meat. If its smells ok and the meat is white and moist it is okay. If it stinks with dried out discolored meat, don’t use it.

3. Pour It

Pour the coconut water into your blender.

4. Scrape It

Scrape out the meat from inside the coconut with a spoon and place into your blender.

5. Blend It

Now blend the coconut water and coconut meat together until you get a smooth consistency.

6. Storage It

If you don’t drink all of the coconut water right away, place it a glass jar with a sealed lid, and store it in your refrigerator.

Source: WikiHow

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