Eczema: Symptoms, Causes and Cure

Eczema is a Greek word which means to boil. It is among the most common skin ailments faced by mankind. It causes immense discomfort and irritation. This disease is generally chronic in nature. Victims of this disease suffer from skin inflammation [Read more...]

5 Radiant Skin Care Tips: at Home and at Work

Beautiful and glowing skinNine to five jobs are often very stressful and get monotonous because of the nature of the work. The long working hours and rush hour traffic adds to the stress, which is responsible for aging skin. Besides stressful working conditions, most [Read more...]

Should You Workout More or Workout Less?

You decide whether to work out more or less.It can be difficult for a natural bodybuilder or person lifting weight for better fitness to determine how often they should be blasting their muscles. Most of the problem lies with the massive amount of information available. There are training routines [Read more...]