4 Tips to Help You Gain Muscle While You Sleep

Gain muscles while you sleep.Without rest, you might as well be trying to build a house without any bricks – it’s not going to happen. While building a house is not an impossible task, it requires teamwork and dedication from all ends of the spectrum.This [Read more...]

Green Tea: The Secret To Good Health?

The Legend Begins

The Asian Paradox - Green Tea

Legend has it that Green tea was discovered by accident: nearly 5000 years ago, a Chinese Emperor, it is said, was preparing to drink some boiled water nearby a tea tree: as the wind blew, some of the plant’s [Read more...]

Foods That Promote Muscle Growth

There is a common misconception that dedicated weight training alone is the key to achieving muscle growth. However, should one pose this statement to any successful bodybuilder or athlete it quickly becomes clear that exercise is not nearly enough. Rather, correct [Read more...]

Five Foods that Make You Smarter

food make you smartWhat you eat has a huge impact on your brain’s health and functioning and it is important to know what foods can be most beneficial to you. Both daily functioning and long-term brain health can be boosted by optimizing your diet [Read more...]